In today’s article, we will take a bird’s eye view on the popular Javascript library React.

Library of Framework

It’s a very common question whether React is a framework or library. At first let’s have a look at the definition of both of these. A framework is a large list of api(s) that accelerate our building of something. It’s usually rigid and it has a wide horizon. You have little scope to go beyond the boundary of the framework. On the other hand, a library is a little tool that help you accomplish certain things very easily and efficiently. It doesn’t bother what…

Error is a common word for programmers. And if it is Javascript, the chance gets a height. In this article we are going to learn how to handle error with try and catch block.


//... execute your code here
} catch (error){
// what you want

While executing the code in try block, if any error occurs, the execution stops and it straightforward jumps to the catch block.

‘Error’ object

You see an ‘error’ object as an argument in the catch block. What does that mean? or What properties does it contain?

This error object mainly has two properties. …

You already know much of Javascript. But today we are going to discuss 10 simple things or say tricks you will find helpful while writing your next program.

  1. Base conversion: Do you know Javascript can work as a number base conversion calculator for you? It can easily convert any string to decimal number from binary, octal or hexadecimal. What you need is just put the base, you want to convert from, as the second parameter. For example, parseInt(“11”,2) will return 3. [binary to decimal].

2. Simply string to number: You can obviously use parseInt or parseFloat to convert a string…

Abdullah Alamin

Full Stack Web Developer | Javascript, React and Node Expert.

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