React for All

Library of Framework

Why React

DOM manipulation


DOM reconciliation

function showTime() {// plain javascriptdocument.getElementById('clock').innerHTML=`<div><p>This is our clock</><p>The current time is: ${new Date()}</p></div>`;// reactReactDOM.render(React.createElement('div',null,React.createElement('p',null, 'This is our clock'),React.createElement('p',null, 'The current time is: ', new Date()),document.getElementById('clock2')))}
setInterval(showTime, 1000);


function showName() {return(<p>My name is Abdullah</p>      )}

Diff Algorithm

Component or component

React.createElement(Button, null);React.createElement("button", null);




Full Stack Web Developer | Javascript, React and Node Expert.

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Abdullah Alamin

Abdullah Alamin

Full Stack Web Developer | Javascript, React and Node Expert.

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